Cell Phone Policy


Benjamin B. Comegys School Cell Phone Policy


Dear Parent or Guardian of Middle School Students:

Cell phones have become a way of life, a technological convenience that has impacted all of our lives in one way or another. However, in the school environment, cell phones have become a distraction, interruption, a way to play games during instructional time, and a method of illegal exchange of information. The ringing of the cell phone during class or the text-messaging takes away from the valuable time needed for instruction and, most importantly, student learning. We do recognize that cell phones can be a safety/security tool, however, they can be a detriment in the event of a building emergency and our protocol to manage such emergencies in a safe and effective manner. Parents are urged to utilize the school phone to relay any messages that may be urgent in nature to their child. We will do our best to relay any urgent information to your child.


Daily Cell Turn-In

Students in Grades 5th-8th will turn-in their cell phones at the start of the school day. Their phones will be secured and kept safe by the climate staff. Their cell phones will be returned to them at the end of the school day.


Thank you for your help!