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Hello Comegys Parents,

This booklet contains an overview of policies and procedures at B. B. Comegys School. It addresses some of the issues of great importance to students and parents, and serves as a convenient reference. It is not intended as a comprehensive digest of our school policies. Please feel free to contact the school at any time if you need more information. I value your interest and your inquiries. All students will sign for acceptance of this handbook and it will be their responsibility for bringing it home. Failure to read this document will not exempt students from consequences stated within.

We have found that students experience success if they meet three fundamental expectations. Therefore, we require that students attend school regularly, complete their in-school work as well as their homework, and treat peers and staff with respect. Our school focus is on being Ready, Responsible, and Respectful. We will also be including a variety of educational opportunities for our children, as well as a more rigorous course of study in line with the Common Core Standards. Each member of our staff brings with them unique perspectives and talents to enhance the learning experience of every child at Comegys.

I encourage parents to become active members of the Home and School Association as well as other school functions. Please visit us, become a volunteer, and become active in our learning community. Thank you for your strong involvement and continued support. I look forward to seeing you on campus.


Ms. Rauchaun DuPree